Saturday, September 6, 2014

Top slection of power pole anchor for 2014

#1 MinnKota 8-Foot Talon Shallow Water Anchor


MinnKota 8-Foot Talon Shallow Water Anchor

  • Shallow water anchor system with 8-foot maximum depth; comes with two remote controls
  • Quick, single-press deploy; simple, quiet design to avoid spooking fish
  • Rough Water Mode increases anchoring force for a secure hold in any conditions
  • Built-in Wave Absorption enables your boat to move up or down without affecting the anchor
  • Lifetime spike guarantee; two-year overall warranty
Designed to deploy faster than any other shallow water anchor available, the Talon from MinnKota allows you to hit your spot with precision and stay there. Equipped with a wireless remote, the easy to use Talon deploys automatically with the simply tap of a button. Built to anchor both quickly and more effectively, the Talon is designed to hold its position even in currents and high winds, thanks to features like Rough Water Mode and Built-in Wave Absorption. Optimized for fishing, the Talon is designed to operate quietly, without fish spooking noise. Finally, the Talon is designed for easier and less costly installation, maintenance, and control--so that you spend less time rigging and more time fishing.

The Talon deploys quickly and securely to depths of up to 8 feet.
Key Features:
  • Fast Deploy: Talon's spike deploys faster than the competition, putting you in position and keeping you there.
  • Auto Up--Auto Down: Deploying Talon is as easy as tapping a button on either your wireless remote or the control panel. With Auto Up/Down, you don't waste time holding down a button and waiting--allowing you to get your lines out quicker.
  • Two-Stage Deployment: Talon's sequential, vertical deployment moves the spike quickly and quietly. It causes minimal disruption at the bottom and doesn't interfere with your lines.
  • Auto-Drive: In addition to packing twice the anchoring force of the competition, Talon features Auto-Drive for an even stronger hold. Auto-Drive powers the spike into the bottom with three successive hits, using increasing force on each hit.
  • Rough Water Mode: Whenever waves and chop pick up, pressing the Rough Water Mode button will perform three Auto-Drive sequences at ten second intervals, so you get three times the anchoring force for a more secure hold on the water.
  • Built-in Wave Absorption: Talon's built-in floating suspension enables your boat to move up or down without affecting the anchor, keeping you locked to the bottom even in rough water conditions.
  • Simple, Quiet Design: With minimal moving parts and no hinge points, the Talon's innovative design prevents noise from being emitted below the water or through the hull.
  • Versatile Adjustments: A Quick Release Mounting Bracket enables Talon to adjust vertically or pivot up to 30 degrees to accommodate any transom angle. You can also easily remove Talon when not in use.
  • Standard Wireless Remotes: Two wireless remotes come standard to give you push-button control of Talon from anywhere on the boat.
  • LED Depth Indicator: Track your anchor's depth at a glance with LED lights on the Talon control head that show you how far down it is deployed.
  • Deployment Notification Alarm: If you turn your engine on while Talon is deployed, a Deployment Notification Alarm alerts you that the anchor is down. The alarm comes standard, but you can choose whether or not to install it.
  • Lifetime Spike Guarantee: Built with outstanding flexibility and designed to take years of abuse, Talon's durable composite fiberglass spike carries a lifetime guarantee.
  • Two-Year Warranty for Talon: Talon carries a comprehensive two-year warranty and is backed by Minn Kota's network of 350+ Authorized Service Centers.

#2 Minn Kota 12-Feet Talon Anchor System with Black Cover

#3 Minn-Kota-Humminbird-Mounted-Adapter



#5 Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchor

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